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URAHARA anime creator Mugi Tanaka's art book URBAN is now available through Amazon!

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Recently profiled by Forbes.com, Japanese artist Mugi Tanaka is an emerging female creator whose cute, stylish, and surreal illustrations are making the leap into high profile anime adaptations. Now, Mugi Tanaka’s newest self-published art book, URBAN, is being made available for global purchase on Amazon.com via digital download and a limited edition of physical copies signed by the artist herself.

URBAN collects over 100 of Mugi Tanaka’s full color illustrations and charts her creative journey from office staff to the creator of the recently announced TV anime series CO;RYU and URAHARA, the latter co-produced by Crunchyroll.

URBAN is available for purchase on Amazon.com using the links below:

Limited Edition physical copy signed by MugiTanaka: 


Digital Edition:



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