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TokyoScope Blog: The prophecies of Nostradamus are coming true one after another!

Posted by Patrick Macias on

WORLD WAR III DEPARTMENT: The always-nifty Kaiju Transmissions Podcast’s latest episode is titled “Toho’s Tokusatsu Apocalypse” and focuses on two extremely earnest end-of-the-world flicks from the Japanese cult movie bin: THE LAST WAR (1961) and PROPHECIES OF NOSTRADAMUS (1974), the latter a legendary “banned” film shrouded in myths and lot of bootlegs. The Kaiju Transmissions hosts do a great job of setting up the Cold War historical contexts that gave birth to these films as well as their hysterical contexts, especially NOSTRADAMUS which is full of amazing WTF moments waiting to be mimed for memes the next time nuclear Armageddon trends on Twitter LOL.

Not to be confused with Inception (because it looks a lot like Inception about 40 years earlier!)


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