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Following FOLLOWERS, the new show about fame and social media on Netflix Japan

Posted by Patrick Macias on

The launch party for the new Netflix Original Series FOLLOWERS happened in Tokyo last night. And while I surely wasn’t invited, a bunch of stylish kids familiar to fans of Tokyo Fashion were there for the occasion.

Going live globally on Netflix on Feb 27, FOLLOWERS, tells the story of three women whose lives intersect through the worlds of celebrity and social media. Directed by Mika Ninagawa (who has also helmed some interesting films with strong female points of view like Helter Skelter and Oiran) extras for the crowd and party scenes in FOLLOWERS are set to include some of those aforementioned stylish kids along with a few people who have even modeled for TokyoScope before (like Shouta) making their screen debuts.

The trailer for FOLLOWERS looks dang sincere at delivering the dramatic goods and seems to be playing it all very straight. Will actress Elaiza Ikeda discover that Instagram is a dead end? Can that woman facing 40 balance having a baby and a career? Will Tadanobu Asano do anything to remind us of when he played Kakihara in Ichi the Killer?

I’ll guess I’ll give FOLLOWERS a shot when it debuts next week, but I’m not expecting a black comedy satire of celebrity in the age of social media… even though I think we all pretty much deserve one by now.

Patrick Macias

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